Oct 17, 2020

Writing and designing in parallel

In the past month, I was able to keep on writing and finally started designing the solution. I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere. One of the options I gave myself for the tangible portion of my bachelor thesis was a website (Bachelor Thesis Exposé: Re-Interpreting Atomic Design, #4 Methodology). I found early on during the interview process this was a valid option. The decision to make a web-site/-app for designers with resources is based on interview results and user-needs.

Here is a the visual-journey I took and where I arrived:

A collage of four designs as described below.

Legal notice: The Logo included in these designs is the intellectual property of Brad Frost. To learn more about Brad Frost and Atomic Design visit his website or read his book about Atomic Design. From top left to bottom right, in the first draft I attempted to come up with a dark visual design. It was supposed to look spacey and atomic, but I quickly realised it wasn't going to work out and in hindsight think it's quite ugly. My second attempt still kept the blue background but was much lighter. I wanted to try a technical looking visual style – something with a typewriter font. But it was boring. So I tried again with another colour palette, but at the end of that day, I decided these looked too much like a magazine page. And it was still very boring and bland. The last picture in this collage shows a new attempt and a more modern approach, which was made to look very retro by the font. I later tried other fonts, but then discarded it altogether.

After this, my professor encouraged me to try to create a real page, not a style tile. Something that would actually show the design, not the visual style and the result was this:

A visual design example of a bright and lightweight style. It shows a large header

I really like this look and feel. Its light, straightforward and the most important element in view is typography. As the whole thing is about text and some animations, I believe this design will work out great!

Similar to the visual design, I've been iterating on the text as well. And just a few days ago I discovered I have to re-write most of the text I wrote.

  • Problem Analysis [done]
  • Problem Definition [done]
  • Persona's [done]
  • Find a solution to the problem [done]
  • Written part: How I solved the problem [in progress]
  • Solution Content Writing
  • Solution Design [in progress]
  • Written part: The Solution
  • Design thesis paper
  • Design final presentation
  • Create a video trailer thesis
  • Document user stories and personas [in progress]

Until next time, take care!