Dec 04, 2020


I'm back out of my writing-craze. The books have arrived, and they look great. More to come after the presentation, which will happen on Dec 14, 2020, at 9:30 am GMT+1.

Photo of the book with the title "Designing for Atomic Design".
Photo of the book and posters which come as part of it.
Photo of the table of contents.
Photo of part of the article "How can UI Designers design for Atomic Design?"
Detail photo of the binding and paper.

Rolling To Do

  • Problem Analysis [done]
  • Problem Definition [done]
  • Persona's [done]
  • Find a solution to the problem [done]
  • Written part: How I solved the problem [done]
  • Solution Content Writing [done provisionally]
  • Solution Design [done provisionally]
  • Written part: The Solution [done]
  • Design thesis paper [done, it became a book]
  • Design final presentation [in progress]
  • Create a video trailer thesis [not gonna happen]
  • Document user stories and personas [done]

Until next time, take care!