Jun 25, 2020

Writing a Bachelor Thesis – Weeks Seven to Eleven

This note is part of a series, to learn more you can read the previous note in this series or jump to my bachelor thesis exposé.

Moving to Berlin

Time went by like a blur. Ever since my last post, my time was almost exclusively taken up by our move to Berlin. I feel a bit panicky, I put my already tight schedule on hold for three weeks, but my deadline remains the same.

The Thesis

In my last post I discussed how I believe part of the problem I set out to solve would be solved with software updates. The second half of the problem remained and is what I am aiming to conceptualise a solution for: How to design for Atomic Design?

In my mind, the solution to the problem statement I found during discovery and define is forming. I have also decided on my deliverable. I will design the concept of a website targeted at designers. This website will aim to provide designers with a basic understanding of web front-end development, to the extent necessary to design atomically structured pattern libraries.

I am currently working on the information architecture and the visual design for this website in parallel.