Sep 15, 2020

Welcome Back

Has it been two months already? You may have noticed how these posts aren't weekly at all; here is why:

After moving to Berlin in June, we quickly suspected we couldn't stay in our apartment for personal reasons. Three weeks ago it turned out we really couldn't wait any longer, and we've been packing our things and putting them in storage ever since. The time in between was mostly filled with challenges that kept my mind busy. I have to admit that I let those challenges distract me from writing my thesis.

With having to move on a zero days notice, writing a bachelor thesis slipped my mind entirely in the past weeks. My schedule for my bachelor thesis needs adjustments now (again), but here is the list of major tasks:

  • Problem Analysis [done]
  • Problem Definition [done]
  • Persona's [done]
  • Find a solution to the problem [done]
  • Written part: How I solved the problem
  • Solution Content Writing
  • Solution Design
  • Written part: The Solution
  • Design thesis paper
  • Design final presentation
  • Create a video trailer thesis

Until next time, take care!